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  • What is a Cash-Pay Clinic?
    There are many names for a "cash-pay clinic" including "insurance-free clinic", or a "Direct Primary Care clinic". Regardless of the name, these clinics do not participate in any insurance plans. Because of this, the providers are able to avoid the ever-increasing and costly documentation demands and administrative intrusions that come with accepting insurance. Cash-pay clinics also avoid the onerous patient data collection responsibilities which many insurance plans impose. These require staff, time and money, and often amount to substantial intrusions on patient privacy. Because our providers avoid these obligations to insurance companies, they are free to spend that time listening to and treating patients. And because our office eliminates the significant overhead costs of participating in insurance, we can pass the savings on to you, the patient – and give compassionate, attentive and timely care at an affordable and transparent cost. You pay at the end of your visit, and you know ahead of time exactly how much it is going to cost. You will never open your mailbox and find a surprise bill from us months after your treatment. Because of our efficient model and patient-centered care, we are also able to see you in a much timelier fashion than traditional clinics. There's no more waiting months to see your primary care provider. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment!
  • Why don't you accept insurance?
    We believe care should be affordable, compassionate, and between you and your provider! Unlike traditional clinic models, we don't rely on insurance companies to dictate the terms of your care. Instead, we work directly with you, the patient, to provide comprehensive medical services without the hassle and limitations of insurance bureaucracy. Less overhead for us (no billing department, no insurance coders, etc) means lower cost for you. Insurance companies are becoming more and more involved in what providers can and cannot tell their patients.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes! At Cornerstone, we operate on a simple payment system where we accept various forms of payment including credit cards, cash, and checks. You don't necessarily need to have cash in hand to see us; it simply means we're a pay-at-time-of-service clinic.
  • I have insurance... Can I still be seen at your clinic?
    We welcome patients with or without insurance. If you have insurance, we'll provide you with an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Most insurance companies allow you to submit bills for reimbursement, even if you're paying directly for your healthcare services.
  • Are you going to expand your operating hours?
    Yes! Our long-term goal is to provide the community with an Urgent Care that is open during more "traditional" hours than 9am-3pm. Please bear with us as we expand and hire more staff to accommodate for the needs of our community.
  • What about Medicare & Medicaid?
    We'd love to care for you. Many of our patients have Medicare or Medicaid, however we are not an approved provider with either service. Eliminating billing overhead for us means lower costs for you.
  • Do you provide Primary Care services?
    Yes! We treat both urgent care needs and long-term health management. Please call our office for a primary care visit.
  • My Primary Care Provider is with a different office. Can I still get an X-Ray?
    We provide X-Ray services regardless of where you receive your primary care needs. If you have an order from another provider, please call our office and schedule an appointment for an X-Ray. Our team will then forward results to your provider's office once we receive the report from the radiologist.
  • Does Cornerstone treat chronic pain conditions?
    Our providers do not prescribe narcotic therapy for chronic non-cancer pain. If a patient comes to our office and is actively prescribed narcotic pain medication by a previous provider, the patient will need to maintain that relationship. Our providers will not assume that prescriptive responsibility for those medications. Our providers have extensive professional knowledge regarding non-narcotic management of chronic pain and will actively work to provide that expertise to our patients.
  • Do you offer vaccines?
    We currently do not offer vaccinations at our office. However we are happy to refer you to other providers in town who provide vaccines, and can continue to see you for your other healthcare needs.
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